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About our Products

Our Traffic Products

We provide you with a number of products that you can use to either use as a add on to your present traffic site, or if your interested into getting into the traffic business, we have a complete solution for you. If your a domain owner and own a lot of domain names, or own a network of sites, and you want a way to deliver traffic to your clients, or count the traffic that your domain names are receiving, then you should check out the DR. Traffic Script.

Our Web Traffic Products

It will not only count your traffic by the day/week/month/year, but you will also be able to redirect it to anywhere you want it to go.

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Traffic Programs

Join one of our traffic programs and have a steady flow of traffic coming to your site day after day, and month after month.

We take a personal approach to setting you up in a traffic program that will work for you just the way you want.

By ordering one of our traffic packages, you will increase traffic visitors to your site, save yourself some money, increase your rankings, & not have to worry about getting visitors to your site. We offer different monthly plans starting at 2 months to a year.

You choose which plan is best for you, & we take care of the rest. You get to choose which country, category, & sub category if available! We will customize any plan that you want, ask us, we make traffic dreams come true!!

Traffic programs

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Do You Need A Traffic Solution For Your Clients, Or Yourself?

We can target your advertising in many ways. We have a few control panels that you can use for ordering all types of targeted traffic for yourself, for clients, or for our resellers.!! You can target your traffic with categories, & sub-categories, you can target the country that you want, you can even target a language if your site is in not in the English language. You name it we can just about target anything that you can think of, we have your solution. You can target a certain region, and much more.

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Control Panels

Which Control Panel Is Right For You

There are “3” different control panels at the moment that you can choose for the different types of traffic that you are looking for.

Pricing is different for all 3 of them, some have more choices, and options that you can choose from, so make your choice wisely. Out resellers get the same control panels for ordering traffic for themselves, or for their clients.

Control Panel

With each control panel, you get the same username, and password, making it easy for our resellers to login and get the type of traffic that they are looking for. We try and make it as easy as possible for you to get the best traffic visitors, for a very good price.

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